Immigrant Business Owners

By: Evan Visconti & Anibal Santiago

The cultural roots of Boston’s North End were formed by the thousands of Jewish and Italian immigrants who settled here at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the area consists of over 80 restaurants and 10,000 people from a wide range of personal backgrounds. As the housing market spiked in the 1990’s, businesses and residents began experiencing major changes in their community.

Rosario Magavero was an immigrant who touched down in the North End of Boston. He emigrated from a small town in Palermo, Italy and quickly started pursuing his American Dream. He owned a popular produce market and ran it for over 30 years before his family friend took over in the mid ’90s. Albie Alba, the new owner, shares Rosario’s journey here in the States and continues to keep his legacy in this market alive.
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